Spectrum Situational Awareness

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Not limited to TV Bands

US TV Transmitters

U.S. TV Transmitter distribution

Key Bridge believes that database-mediated or administrator-assisted spectrum sharing has potential in many of frequency bands beyond the Television VHF and UHF. We also support the notion that spectrum sharing is not limited just to unlicensed user, but rather that opportunistic spectrum sharing has great potential to increase user and revenue density among wireless carriers.

The Key Bridge White Space System is not limited to TV bands or to 6 MHz channels. Our software and database systems are designed to accommodate variable channel width (sub-channelization), multiple co-existence strategies, dynamic scheduling and compliance with different regulatory environments.

Key Bridge White Space technology is ideally suited for the implementation and management of Private Commons Arrangements, where a licensee, spectrum lessee, or spectrum sublessee is permitted to make certain spectrum usage rights available to third-party users but must continue to manage and retain control of the spectrum.

White Space co-existence strategies may also be useful for spectrum sharing and coexistence among Government agencies and systems.

Quantitative Analysis


Area propagation modeling and mapping

Key Bridge maintains a large and growing set of radio propagation models, all available to you via our programmatic web services.

The Key Bridge White Space system demonstrates a fully realized, end-to-end example of the FCC's R-6602 propagation curves model. When combined with our Location services and comprehensive wireless services database, Key Bridge Quantitative Analysis enables you to study most any radio frequency band and to better understand your spectrum environment.

Available radio propagation models include:

Mapping and Visualization


Signal mapping and visualization

Key Bridge Spectrum Mapping technology allows for quick and detailed visual inspection of your spectrum environment. The Key Bridge White Space system provides a reference implementation of our Spectrum Mapping services and capabilities, all of which are available to you via our web services and software developer kit.

Key Bridge Spectrum Mapping enables you to make informed choices and better plan your own deployments. Use our system or build your own to search, explore and visually inspect spectrum availability and projected occupancy anywhere within our service area.