Remote Spectrum Monitoring
Streaming Data as a Service

Remote Spectrum Monitoring provides a cost-effective alternative to running a dedicated sensor network, leveraging new and existing Key Bridge-managed sensors for for spectral awareness across large geographic areas and over extended periods of time.

Remote Spectrum Monitoring

End-to-end systems are typically required when the information must remain private or secure. If your information security profile permits cloud-based operations and shared infrastructure then a managed, leased system may offer a compelling alternative.

Commercial and enterprise users able to operate on shared infrastructure can realize faster time to delivery, lower up-front costs and reduced operational demands by adding their sensors to the Key Bridge Managed Spectrum Monitoring System. If their location of interest is already monitored customers can subscribe to the streaming data feed and see immediate results.

Adding New Sites

To add new sites to the Key Bridge monitoring grid Remote Spectrum Monitoring customers purchase or lease the sensors they require and coordinate with Key Bridge for installation, characterization and incorporation.

Spectrum Monitoring Jobs

With an active subscription Remote Spectrum Monitoring customers may submit one or more "jobs" into the scheduling queue. Each job identifies the location and spectrum band of interest plus other customer-specific parameters such as desired sensitivity, if carrier detection should be enabled, plus the frequency and duration of sampling. When a job is executed the resulting data is immediately communicated to the client via an open-standard, asynchronous, machine-to-machine messaging protocol through the Key Bridge data messaging infrastructure. All job data is automatically archived according to the user's job configuration.

Sample and Data Availability

Demo Spectrum Monitor System

Key Bridge demonstration monitoring grid

Key Bridge operates a demonstration sensor network in the Washington DC metropolitan area which is available for cost-free evaluation and inquiry. Please contact us to discuss accessing this demonstration data streaming service.


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