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CVC Commercial Policy Statement

To enable designated frequency coordinators to fulfill their responsibilities with minimum inconvenience and disruption, white space administrators shall allow designated frequency coordinators to create and manage licensed low power auxiliary station registrations on behalf of all participating organizations at the event for which the coordinator has been designated.

Open collaboration with the pro-audio community

Key Bridge has been working with the professional audio community, including technicians, operators and frequency coordinators, since 2009 to resolve potential issues, challenges and concerns introduced by the White Space Rules.

The result of this open collaborative process is a procedure and commercial policy statement codifying at a high level how White Space administrators can more effectively support large venues and events having multiple licensed operators and possibly one or more professional frequency coordinators. You may download the document at the following link.

Procedures for Cooperative Voluntary Cooperation (CVC)

CVC: A formal definition of frequency coordination

Wireless services for large, complex events including games, conventions, tournaments and press conferences, as examples, are often voluntarily coordinated amongst individual licensed operators by a designated frequency coordinator (“Coordinator”). This activity may be called cooperative voluntary coordination (“CVC”).

FCC White Space rules require that the channels reserved for low power auxiliary devices (e.g. wireless microphones) are registered prior to use with an authorized White Space administrator (“Administrator”). Registrations must identify a responsible party, the location, schedule and channel of operation, plus licensing (call sign) information.

The Administrator is a service provider

For practical purposes it would be cumbersome and error prone if each licensee were required to individually register their own assigned operating frequencies or channels directly with an Administrator for events where a Coordinator has been designated.

In such scenarios Coordinators should instead be able to continue their current business practices with only minor modification. White Space administrators should provide the simplest and least intrusive implementations possible in support of large venues and events where a Coordinator has been designated.

Our Offer

Key Bridge offers our complete service portfolio on a cost-free basis and operational support on a a cost-free, best-effort basis to professional frequency coordinators organizing major events having five or more licensed participants.

Contact us about a month in advance of your next major event. We will work to ensure your customers are properly registered and protected.

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