Data Monitoring & Alerts

Offering advanced reporting and automated analysis of your license records, service configurations and geographic operating areas of interest. Configure email reports and alerts that match your selective criterion.

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Call Sign Monitoring

White Space operation holds great promise and some risk that your FCC-issued license could be misused, either by simple mistake or on purpose.

Key Bridge Call Sign monitoring gives you with peace of mind that your license is being properly used. It also provides objective verification that your FCC actions have been correctly processed.

Configuration Management

Key Bridge can provide automated analysis and reporting of configuration changes or modifications of any licensed services registered in the United States.

The Configuration Management service includes change tracking, which provides detailed configuration change reports and allows historical configuration management and review. Configuration tracking is included at no additional cost.

Geographic Triggers

Leverage the intelligence and geographic analysis capabilities of our location-aware systems to set up tripwire alerts for your location or any extended area of interest. Key Bridge will send you alerts when the activities you specify occur within the geographic area you define.

This service is useful for White Space network operators who need continuous visibility into their spectrum environment. It is also useful for wireless microphone users and frequency coordinators.

Custom Reports

Do you need to see a particular slice of data through a special lens and formatted exactly to your specifications?

Key Bridge systems are fast and flexible, and our developers can readily implement custom reporting and alert solutions to suit your particular needs.

Monitoring & Alert Services support digest reports and immediate alerts via email depending upon your desired configuration. Paid Services can also be configured and the results accessed programmatically via our Web Services API.