Key Bridge Managed Portals

The Key Bridge White Space Portal is available in two versions:

Enterprise Edition (EE) White Space Portal

EE is a private, dedicated portal with advanced automation, security and collaboration features.

Community Edition (CE) White Space Portal

CE is a public, shared portal with all the basics needed for white space registration.

Both portals are integrated Internet applications that enable White Space operation and provide value-added applications, features and capabilities.

managed portals

Software as a Service.

An Internet portal is a software platform for building and presenting websites and online applications, and software as a service (SaaS), sometimes referred to as "on-demand software", is a software delivery model in which software and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud. Key Bridge Portal Products are offered under the SaaS model and are accessed by users using a thin client via a web browser.

Built on A Solid Technical Foundation.

Key Bridge solutions are built using open standards and specifications. Read more about the open standards and use of today's most innovative technologies that make Key Bridge Portals and Web Services the de-facto standard for commercial White Space solutions.


  • AJAX
  • iCalendar & Microformat
  • JSR-168
  • JSR-127
  • JSR-170
  • JSR-314 (JSF 2.0)
  • OpenSearch
  • CMIS

Web Services

  • REST
  • RMI
  • SOAP
  • WebDAV
  • JSON
  • Hessian Binary

Identity Management

  • LDAP
  • Oracle Access Manager
  • Open SSO


  • Pluggable Authentication
  • Email Verification
  • Granular Permissioning
  • Session Management
  • Code & System Profiling
  • OWASP Practices


  • Java J2EE/JEE 6
  • Hierarchical and extensible
  • Segmented user communities
  • Message-oriented architecture
  • Pluggable & modular

Performance & Scalability

  • 3-Tiered System
  • Clustered and load balanced
  • In-memory Caching
  • Static Content Export
  • Real-time Performance Monitoring

User Interface

  • Integrated feedback
  • Integrated Bug reporting
  • Robust calendaring
  • Rich text editor (WYSIWYG)
  • Email based subscriptions
  • RSS
  • Knowlege base

Data Import/Export

  • JSR-170 Repository
  • CMIS 1.0 Support
  • Versioning
  • Workflow
  • Fine grained permissioning
  • Import & export Office, CSV, PDF, TXT, XML
  • Check in/check out
  • Multi-file uploads
  • WebDAV enabled

Note that some features and configurations listed above are only available in the Enterprise Edition.

Integrated Security with Extensible Features.

Anonymous and Authenticated Pages

Standard features and services are available publicly and may be accessed anonymously, while registration activities require the establishment of a valid user account (authorization) and that the user is signed in (authentication).

Role-Based Content Delivery

The Portals display different data or data details depending on a user's role. For instance, the database browser presents a standard display for anonymous and authenticated (logged-in) pages but provides additional details and options for privileges accounts.

Integrated Applications

Key Bridge Portals integrate various spectrum related applications into a consolidated and interoperable unified user interface, enabling more convenient access to content authorized to a user's given account status and permission profile.

Collaboration Platform

The Enterprise Portal also enables customer employees to create ad-hoc teams for collaboration, information exchange and sharing.