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The Key Bridge White Space Portal comes in two versions offering market-leading innovations and features. Learn more to determine which best suits your needs.

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A Comprehensive White Space Solution.

Key Bridge manages and operates a Community Edition (CE) instance that is available to the public free of charge in furtherance and compliance with our obligations and responsibilities as a designated White Space administrator.

User accounts are free of charge and the CE Portal enables all basic White Space transactions without a fee.

Those who do not need or want to upgrade their White Space operations or who do not require the enhanced privacy or confidentiality available with our Enterprise Portal can use the CE Portal and enjoy convenient access to White Space spectrum management technologies and features at no cost.

We typically refer to this managed Community Edition (CE) instance as The Key Bridge White Space Portal.

When you are ready, create an account and sign in to register your wireless services to receive interference protection.

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A Rich Internet Application

Our online services are designed to 'just work'. Each application interface has been designed with your convenience in mind, and extensively tested to ensure ease of use.

We employ only established industry standards like HTML5, Javascript and AJAX. No proprietary browser plug-ins, extension or third-party software is required. Just point your favorite browser to the Portal, sign in and start working.

Data-Driven Automation

We make it easy to get started and hard to get in trouble. All online forms and applications have been optimized and automated wherever possible.

All online forms and selection choices are automatically updated as you go, with integrated wizards, lookup tools and helpful hints present you with the right information details when you need them.

Robust and Built for Scale

The Key Bridge White Space portal is configured for a public Internet environment that demands redundancy, automatic fail-over and load balancing to ensure maximum availability and performance for all end users. Standard features like such as clustering, group management, in-memory replication and domain profiling allow consistent and predictable performance as the system to support a growing user base.

Flexible & Easy to Use

The Key Bridge White Space portal has been developed and beta-tested to seamlessly integrate into your existing day job. Our registration forms and integrated automation have been designed to require the absolute minimum amount of time and preparation by you.

It's easy to get started right away, and there is detailed documentation, tutorials, in-line help and advice tips integrated throughout to answer any questions or doubts.

Learn about the Enterprise Edition.

The Key Bridge Enterprise Edition (EE) White Space Portal provides a feature-rich private portal with all the features of our market leading Community Edition plus enhanced security, confidentiality, work flow integration, and extensive user profiles and data storage.