Key Bridge Signs Spectrum Sharing Contract for Defense Information Systems Agency
October 4, 2016

In a press release issued today, Key Bridge announced that it recently executed a contract to customize and operate its commercial Spectrum Access System (“SAS”) in the the 2025 – 2110 MHz Band for the Defense Information Systems Agency, Defense Spectrum Organization.

The competitive award represents a significant milestone for Key Bridge’s Spectrum Access System, which heretofore has enabled sharing and dynamic spectrum access amongst commercial licensed and unlicensed users and will now also service Government users.

As part of the award, the Key Bridge SAS will be extended to determine and provide spectrum sharing, occupancy and frequency coordination information for the 2025 – 2110 MHz Band in real-time for the entire United States and territories. The SAS will also support neutral interference incident reporting, among other functions.

The Government also exercised and funded enhancements to the offer including a novel approach to establish real-time telemetry between central receive antenna systems and transportable news gathering platforms.