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Trusted solutions since 2001

Key Bridge is a leading developer of spectrum administration technologies and a certified operator of shared spectrum registry databases.

We work closely with government regulators and industry users to develop and operate high-value, low-cost wireless service registries, spectrum occupancy solutions, spectrum monitoring platforms, frequency coordination tools and other related technologies.

Key Bridge Global LLC

Key Bridge Global LLC
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We make spectrum simple.

Three lines of business.

Spectrum Services
Spectrum Services

The Key Bridge White Space System is a trusted, secure, neutral platform platform for open innovation in cognitive radio, White Space spectrum sharing, and other cutting-edge solutions.

Key Bridge Web Services, Data & Databases offer a comprehensive portfolio of advanced spectrum technologies to be embedded and power third party open-source, educational, non-commercial and commercial systems and solutions.

Information Services
Information Services

Key Bridge operates and maintains one of the largest private databases of wireless service and spectrum occupancy information in the world.

We make this information available through a large and growing portfolio of well-documented, standards-compliant web services and data models, empowering clients to accelerate development and delivery of their own wireless products and services.

Enterprise Services
Enterprise Services

Key Bridge provides an innovative suite of commercially supported, high-availability online services integrated with our extensive data and database resources.

Enterprise customers benefit from streamlined geographic information analysis, spectrum situational awareness, frequency coordination, private and secure White Space registration and filing, service monitoring and operational readiness training.

A principled corporate citizen.

We provide open, secure, standards-based technologies to foster and support our Customer's success and help them develop and promote their own products and services.

Our corporate conduct is guided by several core policies and principals. These are: