Commitment to Neutrality

A commitment to neutrality is our guiding principal and the bedrock foundation of an open and prosperous White Space ecosystem.

The Key Bridge commitment to neutrality is a guiding company principal and one that we believe provides the trusted foundation necessary for an open and prosperous White Space ecosystem.

Under FCC Rules and orders establishing the qualifications and obligations of White Space administration of the Television broadcast bands, Key Bridge is required to comply with certain neutrality principles and policies. In addition to these obligations Key Bridge maintains our own neutrality principles and policies to ensure equal access and representation of all industry segments using our services and to avoid conflicts of interest between ourselves and our customers, be they real or perceived.

FCC White Space neutrality standards require the publication to qualified recipients of broadcast Television channels that are available for unlicensed use on a nondiscriminatory basis. This means that we must provide the same basic information and cannot disadvantage a valid consumer, wireless service or device type that has registered to use our public White Space system. Our company neutrality policy requires that we provide White Space services in a neutral and impartial manner, which we implement by affording all parties the same degree of courtesy and convenience in the design and accessibility of our systems. We do not favor any particular communications service provider, telecommunications industry segment or technology or group of telecommunications consumers over any other in the conduct of our business and the design and delivery of our services. Within the context of White Space administration, we belive it should be as equally convenient to register an existing licensed service for interference protection as to activate new devices and infrastructure for unlicensed operation.

Key Bridge maintains the complete confidentiality of all customer information obtained during the conduct of our business to the greatest extent allowed by FCC Rule and order. In addition, as part of our neutrality commitment, we maintain a Corporate code of conduct designed to guide and protect our continued neutrality: